Why Car Rental is the Best Way to See the World

If you are thinking of taking a trip abroad this summer but worried about how you will explore your destination to the full and soak up the local culture on offer, there is one sure-fire way of making sure you and your family can see everything there is to see on holiday from hidden local restaurants to deserted, peaceful beaches- rent a car. Car rental has come a long way since its inception, and it’s now easier than ever to rent a variety of cars in overseas lands.

Renting a car ensures the entire family can enjoy the vast amount of sites and views the country has to offer. Couple that with the freedom of being able to leave the hotel’s grounds whenever you please with full control of your schedule, and you’ve got a plan that is going to benefit everyone in the car.

So, what are the advantages of renting a car?

Car rental gives you complete freedom, which is something we strive for when we escape from work schedules. We spend our time rushing from A to B up against deadlines, so when we embark on a holiday you generally want to make up your own rules without being hassled by someone else’s schedule. Instead of following a tour guide’s plans, car rental allows you the freedom to choose your timings, your preferred destinations and you can set the pace. If you are enjoying a particular attraction you can decide how long you would like to spend there, rather than adhering to somebody else’s plan.

Car rental is a lot more affordable these days so you can save money on public transport and taxi charges to get to-and-from places. If your budget is very small, you can still rent a car for a day to really gain an insight into the local culture.

Enjoyable Drives
Driving in a beautiful location can be part of the enjoyment itself. There are some spectacular roads around the world and renting a car allows you the freedom to enjoy them rather than being squashed on a hot tourist coach.

Hidden Gems
While of course there are tourist hot spots around the world to aim for, it is the peaceful secluded beaches untouched by fellow tourists, or the hidden villages with authentic restaurants which make the best experiences. Car rental really allows you to explore as little or as much as you like. Getting off the beaten tourist track allows you to really discover what a country has to offer gaining you cultural experience and a truly unique holiday.

By renting your own car, you can travel around with all your personal belongings safely within one vehicle. If you are going to the beach for the day, you can always leave expensive belongings such as phones and wallets hidden within your car so you don’t have to worry about leaving them on the beach when you are in the sea. Another security relief is the ability to travel at night without the worry of catching public transport which could leave you and your family vulnerable.

Surprise encounters
Some of the best holiday memories are the surprises you encounter- meeting really friendly local faces, finding a beautiful cafe with a swimming pool off the main road, or discovering unexpected view points. This is something which can’t be achieved on a busy tourist guide.

Peace and Quiet
Most of use strive for some alone time while on holiday. It is time to escape from your daily stresses. Car rental allows you to enjoy the delights of your holiday without having to share it with a group of strangers. You can find secluded spots where you can enjoy yourself, without running into fellow tourists.

Most car rental companies offer you a wide range of cars, so you can pick a vehicle more suited to your plans. If you want to escape your hotel to drive up into the mountains, or want to drive along the coastal road for the day with a picnic packed in the car, there is often a vehicle on offer to suit your plans.

Car rental really allows you to take control of your holiday. The world isn’t made up of tourist hot spots, it is the subtle hints of culture which lye hidden within remote villages, off the arranged tourist trail. Car rental allows you to see the real culture of a destination rather than the artificial arranged experiences the tour guides plan for you. You spend a lot of your hard earned money saving for your holiday, so why not do it properly?


About the author: Hannah works for vouchercloud.com. While she loves her job working on New Look discounts campaigns in her marketing role, her true passion is for travel. She always makes a point of renting vehicles to really gain the authentic experiences she desires when away on holiday. Her trips are always more fun, enjoyable and memorable, when she has the freedom of driving her own car during the trip.

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